This site presents the most useful and up-to-date guidance on using the DBC framework.

Designing for Behavior Change: A Practical Field Guide

2017, The TOPS Program, Food for the Hungry
This reference guide summarizes the main steps in using the Designing for Behavior Change (DBC) approach. It is primarily intended for use by those who have been or are being trained in the DBC approach. It is highly recommended users of this guide also familiarize themselves with the contents of this training manual on DBC.

Decision Guide for Program Managers: What You Need to Know About the DBC Approach

2016, Food for the Hungry
This guide aims to help Program Managers decide whether or not to send their staff to a Designing for Behaviour Change (DBC) workshop and whether or not to adopt the approach in their own programming. 

Designing for Behavior Change: For Agriculture, NRM, Health and Nutrition

2013, FSN Network, CORE Group
This field-tested, six-day training curriculum responds to community development managers', program planners' and behavior change officers’ need for a practical behavioral framework that helps them with developing effective behaviour change strategies. This guidance is also available in French and Spanish. 

DBC Framework Template

Template for preparing your own Designing for Behaviour Change (DBC) Framework. 

Behaviour Change Toolkit

2017, People in Need (PIN)
This toolkit is designed to give development practitioners the know-how they need to understand people's behaviours and to help people to make positive changes in their lives. It highlights how behaviour change is key to addressing many development issues such as child mortality, climate change, gender inequality, and poor governance, and offers practical and easy-to-read guidance on how to...