This site provides our selection of the most useful resources on social and behaviour change in the context of relief and development interventions.

Webinar Series on Social and Behaviour Change

2020, GIZ, ANH
The website provides links to the recordings of five webinars on social and behaviours that were organized in 2020 by GIZ and ANH Academy. They cover the following topics:    - Social and Behaviour Change Essentials    - How to Understand the Barriers and Enablers to Change    - How to Use Formative Research to (Re)design SBC Strategy    - How...

Social and Behaviour Change: Insights and Practice

2019, GIZ
This practical guide introduces the essentials of social and behaviour change needed in the design, implementation, and evaluation of food and nutrition security programmes. 

Behaviour Change Communication and Facilitation Skills for Community Health and Nutrition Volunteers

2024, ADRA
This training guidance aims to increase the effectiveness of interpersonal SBC communication activities conducted at the community level. It intends to ensure that people who promote the desired behaviors, such as community health and nutrition volunteers: Understand the importance of effective communication; Know what helps adults to learn; Are able to use the key communication...

Behaviour Change Toolkit

2017, People in Need (PIN)
This toolkit is designed to give development practitioners the know-how they need to understand people's behaviours and to help people to make positive changes in their lives. It highlights how behaviour change is key to addressing many development issues such as child mortality, climate change, gender inequality, and poor governance, and offers practical and easy-to-read guidance on how to...

Designing for Behavior Change: For Agriculture, NRM, Health and Nutrition

2013, FSN Network, CORE Group
This field-tested, six-day training curriculum responds to community development managers', program planners' and behavior change officers’ need for a practical behavioral framework that helps them with developing effective behaviour change strategies. This guidance is also available in French and Spanish. 

SBCC How-to Guides

Social and Behaviour Change Communication (SBCC) How-to Guides are short guides that provide step-by-step instructions on how to perform core SBCC tasks, such as how to: develop a communication strategy prepare SBC materials conduct a pretest design SBC messages implement many other SBC-related tasks

Guidance on Assessing the Prevalence of Behaviours

2016, People in Need (PIN)
IndiKit provides step-by-step guidance on assessing the proportion of people following life-saving and life-protecting behaviours in the health, nutrition, agriculture, WASH, education and other sectors. It helps you with designing and implementing quantitative surveys. 

Make Me a Change Agent: A Multisectoral SBC Resource for Community Workers and Field Staff

2015, TOPS, CORE Group
These lessons seek to build the skills of community-level workers, such as community development agents, community health workers, and agriculture extension agents, so that they can be more effective behavior change promoters in their communities. The lessons are not sector specific, and are tried and true generic skills, such as communication and storytelling, that can help a...

Care Group Website

This website provides many useful resources on the use of the Care Group approach. A Care Group is a group of 10-15 volunteer, community-based educators who regularly meet together with project staff for training and supervision. Each volunteer is responsible for regularly visiting 10-15 of her neighbors, sharing what she has learned and facilitating behavior change at the household...

ALiGN The Social Norms Learning Collaborative

2020, ALiGN The Social Norms Learning Collaborative
The Social Norms Learning Collaborative (the Learning Collaborative, in short), is a cooperative effort funded by USAID, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation. Through shared learning, partnership, and thought leadership on social norms, the collaborative aims to strengthen the capacity of researchers and practitioners across regions and disciplines...