This site brings you the most useful resources on preparing and conducting key informant interviews. Let us know if you think that an important resource is missing. 

Conducting In-Depth Interviews

2006, Pathfinder International
Brief and practical guide to conducting in-depth interviews. 

Qualitative Research Methods: A Data Collector’s Field Guide

2005, FHI 360
The publication is one of the best guides on using qualitative research methods. It covers the following topics: Module 1 – Qualitative Research Methods Overview Module 2 – Participant Observation Module 3 – In-Depth Interviews Module 4 – Focus Groups Module 5 – Data Documentation and Management

Data collection: Qualitative Methods

2009, Médecins du Monde
This practically written document familiarises aid workers, who are not specialists in social sciences, with qualitative data collection and analysis. 

Formative Research Guide

2014, CARE
This guide provides development practitioners with a range of tools they need to conduct qualitative research. It helps them to assess the factors that influence people's abilities and willingness to adopt and practice positive behaviours. While the guide's main focus is on infant and young child feeding, the provided tools are very useful also for research in other sectors,...

Qualitative Research for Development: A guide for practitioners

2015, Practical Action
The publication provides useful guidance on several qualitative research methods, including semi-structured interviews, focus group interviews, observations, and various participatory methods. The document is relatively long but you can easily focus just on the topic you are interested in.