One of the main reasons people do not practice certain behaviours is simply because they lack access to the required products and services, such as seeds to grow vegetables, oral rehydration solutions to treat diarrhoea, construction materials to build latrines, or veterinary services to vaccinate animals. The following resources show you how engaging and supporting the market players – such as producers, sellers, service providers, policy-makers, and others - can help people to overcome these barriers in a sustainable and efficient manner. Let us know if you think that an important resource is missing. 

Video Introduction to Market Systems Development

This brief video explains how engaging and supporting the market actors can help people to access the products and services they need for practicing the desired behaviours. The video is available also in French and Spanish. 

Market-Based Approach to Enabling Farmers to Access Veterinary Services and Products

2015, People in Need (PIN)
This video provides an overview of the market-based approach taken by People in Need's CLIMAD project to enable over 30,000 poultry farmers to gain a long-term access  to veterinary products and services and to improve their animal production practices.

Investigating and Addressing the Main Barriers to Practicing Positive Poultry Management Practices

2017, People in Need (PIN)
Over recent years, People in Need (PIN) conducted three Barrier Analysis studies that helped its markets development team identify and address the main factors that prevent Cambodian farmers from adopting and following effective poultry management practices. This executive report shares with development practitioners and relevant government officials the key findings and practical...

Market-Based Approach to Improving Farmers' Access to Agricultural Inputs

2017, Market Systems Accelerator
This video explains how engaging and supporting the local private sector helped thousands of farmers gain long-term access to quality agricultural inputs. 

Market-Based Approach to Improving Farmers' Knowledge

2005, The Springfield Centre
This detailed case study explains a market-based approach to improving farmers' knowledge through supporting local agricultural input retailers in the provision of embedded services to farmers.

Snapshots of Market-Based Interventions

BEAM Exchange
These mini case-studies illustrate the actual application of principles and good practice of market systems approaches. They are not comprehensive descriptions of programmes, but snapshots of specific interventions from around the world.

The Operational Guide for the Making Markets Work for the Poor (M4P) Approach

2015, The Springfield Centre
This second edition of the M4P Operational Guide provides guidance on engaging the market actors into enabling and motivating people to access the products and services they need for practicing the desired behaviours. 

Guidance on Engaging and Supporting the Market Actors

BEAM Exchange
This website provides practical guidance and resources to help you and your team put the market systems approach into practice.

Storybooks Explaining Market-Based Approaches

These easy-to-use comic-based storybooks were designed to introduce development project staff to market facilitation concepts and practices. The scenarios they use are based on real-life examples that show how engaging and supporting the market actors can help farmers to overcome the barriers to the desired behaviours. 

Conference on Social Behavior Change and Market Systems

This website present the results of ACDI/VOCA's on-line conference "Facilitating Behavior Change: Social and Behavior Change and Market Systems”.